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2018-06-16\arbcolor[]{} is now able to colorize everything, down to the diacritics!Robert Alessi
2018-06-13new function checkwrnested(). issue an error when arbout-ed commands are nest...Robert Alessi
2018-06-11tidy upRobert Alessi
2018-06-11a bit of tidy up. put back \textcolor{}{}--which has to be deprecated in Arab...Robert Alessi
2018-06-11arabluatex.lua: newtable 'outofarb' with an option in mkarbbreak() for insert...Robert Alessi
2018-06-09huge commit: improved LPeg patterns, (un)protectarb() now operates on \arb[]{...Robert Alessi
2018-06-03LPegs patterns: removed most of the rules from (un)protectarb(), moved \par i...Robert Alessi
2018-06-02use LPeg patterns in holdcmd() as well and get rid of (un)protectarb()Robert Alessi
2018-06-01replaced '.?' pattern with '%s?' in two places in brkcmds()Robert Alessi
2018-06-01breakcmd(): iteration through albrkcmds and brkcmds had to be moved down. sti...Robert Alessi
2018-05-31\item needs a special processing. moved it back into brkcmd() functionRobert Alessi
2018-05-29moved \RL, \LR, \RLfootnote, \LRfootnote and \LRmarginpar into 'albrkcmds'Robert Alessi
2018-05-28moved \item into 'albrkcmds'Robert Alessi
2018-05-28commands with no argument are now processed by \MkArbBreak{}. added \pstart a...Robert Alessi
2018-05-28tightened some PegsRobert Alessi
2018-05-27moved \edtext, \Footnote, \Marginpar and \arbmark into the new albrkcmds tableRobert Alessi
2018-05-26breakcmd() now uses LPeg patterns. commands with up to two optional and two m...Robert Alessi
2018-05-13Extending Lua's string.gsub function with LPeg patternsRobert Alessi
2018-05-13\MkArbBreak{} now processes commands with up to one optional argumentRobert Alessi
2018-05-13accept any command that is not \arb{} and has an optional argumentRobert Alessi
2018-05-06optional arguments of environments nested inside Arabic environments may now ...Robert Alessi
2018-05-06\abjad{} should be able to accept commands and counters as argumentsRobert Alessi
2018-03-29\arbmarks{} first checks if its argument is defined in the arbmarks tableRobert Alessi
2018-03-29new command \newarbmark{} for inserting new marks in arabluatex's arbmarks tableRobert Alessi
2018-03-29new command \arbmark{} for inserting any additional Arabic markRobert Alessi
2018-03-27start encoding the honorificsRobert Alessi
2018-01-23newfile is no longer requiredRobert Alessi
2018-01-22\prname{} two rules were to be switched roundRobert Alessi
2018-01-22use xkeyval for package option processing; process the name of God through \p...Robert Alessi
2018-01-04\prname{} something was still missing for ibn to be processed properlyRobert Alessi
2018-01-04\prname{}: ibn should not be uppercased unless the preceding proper name be m...Robert Alessi
2018-01-02\uc{}: rule for initial ʿayn missing from locRobert Alessi
2018-01-02\cap{} was already defined in math mode, oh dear! replaced with \uc{}Robert Alessi
2018-01-02new command \prname{}; updated copyright datesRobert Alessi
2018-01-01names inside \cap{} may be surrounded by bracketsRobert Alessi
2018-01-01adapted \cap{} for loc conventionRobert Alessi
2018-01-01\cap{} should be in order. Some more tests before documentingRobert Alessi
2018-01-01done rewriting \capRobert Alessi
2017-12-31\cap{} rules: more work was neededRobert Alessi
2017-12-31still tuning \cap{}.Robert Alessi
2017-12-30new \cap{} almost works. More tests are neededRobert Alessi
2017-12-30\cap{} should handle proper names made of several wordsRobert Alessi
2017-09-05\aemph now outputs \underline instead of \overline in any of the transliterat...Robert Alessi
2017-07-03the documentation now needs to be updatedRobert Alessi
2017-07-02new command \MkArbBreak{} for inserting user-defined single argument commands...Robert Alessi
2017-07-02new lua function 'isintable()', newtable 'breakcmds'Robert Alessi
2017-06-26bugfix: sukūn quoting in 'easy' rules put an additional sukūn instead of ta...Robert Alessi
2017-06-25get the rid of \arbcolor which is not actually neededRobert Alessi
2017-06-24new command \arbcolor which does the same as \textcolor in Arabic environmentsRobert Alessi
2017-06-24basic support for \textcolor{}{} in Arabic environmentRobert Alessi