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masteradapted the documentation as a result of [a7c5601]Robert Alessi5 days
v1.17arabluatex-1.17.tar.gz  Robert Alessi6 months
v1.16arabluatex-1.16.tar.gz  Robert Alessi6 months
v1.15.1arabluatex-1.15.1.tar.gz  Robert Alessi11 months
v1.15arabluatex-1.15.tar.gz  Robert Alessi11 months
v1.14arabluatex-1.14.tar.gz  Robert Alessi13 months
v1.13arabluatex-1.13.tar.gz  Robert Alessi13 months
v1.12arabluatex-1.12.tar.gz  Robert Alessi15 months
v1.11arabluatex-1.11.tar.gz  Robert Alessi18 months
v1.10.3arabluatex-1.10.3.tar.gz  Robert Alessi19 months
v1.10.2arabluatex-1.10.2.tar.gz  Robert Alessi20 months
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5 daysadapted the documentation as a result of [a7c5601]HEADmasterRobert Alessi
5 days\arb and \txarb needed \leavevmode at the very start of a paragraphRobert Alessi
2019-08-14typoRobert Alessi
2019-08-08revert to Old StandardRobert Alessi
2019-07-24new variable in makefileRobert Alessi
2019-07-24use latexcolorsRobert Alessi
2019-07-23missing + before 'embolden'Robert Alessi
2019-07-22finally, use Old Standard TRobert Alessi
2019-07-17... or Cochineal?Robert Alessi
2019-07-16consider using 'EB Garamond' as main font familyRobert Alessi