BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterarabluatex.el: being prompted for an index tag makes no sense with \arindRobert Alessi6 weeks
v1.20arabluatex-1.20.tar.gz  Robert Alessi2 months
v1.19arabluatex-1.19.tar.gz  Robert Alessi2 months
v1.18arabluatex-1.18.tar.gz  Robert Alessi3 months
v1.17arabluatex-1.17.tar.gz  Robert Alessi14 months
v1.16arabluatex-1.16.tar.gz  Robert Alessi14 months
v1.15.1arabluatex-1.15.1.tar.gz  Robert Alessi20 months
v1.15arabluatex-1.15.tar.gz  Robert Alessi20 months
v1.14arabluatex-1.14.tar.gz  Robert Alessi21 months
v1.13arabluatex-1.13.tar.gz  Robert Alessi21 months
v1.12arabluatex-1.12.tar.gz  Robert Alessi23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-16arabluatex.el: being prompted for an index tag makes no sense with \arindHEADmasterRobert Alessi
2020-04-15arabluatex.el: adding RefTeX supportRobert Alessi
2020-04-14arabluatex.el: tidy upRobert Alessi
2020-04-14undo [2448ffc]Robert Alessi
2020-04-13much improved arabluatex.el - Thanks to Arash EsbatiRobert Alessi
2020-04-11typo in .el fileRobert Alessi
2020-04-10makefile: added compiled .elc for deletion in 'clean' ruleRobert Alessi
2020-04-10added folding features to arabluatex.elRobert Alessi
2020-04-09updated .el style fileRobert Alessi
2020-04-09use Harfbuzz in the doc. improved \arind: now works with hyperref and xindexRobert Alessi