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2018-08-22include \prname* in change historyRobert Alessi
2018-08-21arabtex2utf: arabverse needed much more workRobert Alessi
2018-08-20added \prname* which only sets \al@trans@font to be used in the external Unic...Robert Alessi
2018-08-17removed unnecessary \txarb from exported \baytRobert Alessi
2018-08-16removed \arbmetre which had become unnecessary. added 'starred' version of \A...Robert Alessi
2018-08-15tidy upRobert Alessi
2018-08-15arabtex2utf: done programming functions exporting running paragraphs or Arabi...Robert Alessi
2018-08-06new command \arbmetre and new option 'color' for arabverse environment.Robert Alessi
2018-07-22use precomposed unicode ǧ/Ǧ instead of 'g/G + caron above'Robert Alessi
2018-07-21remove unwanted \arabicfont in \arb{} and arab environmentRobert Alessi
2018-06-24updated checksum. this is v1.12v1.12Robert Alessi
2018-06-24done documenting the new featuresRobert Alessi
2018-06-23added \MkArbBreak* in a macro environmentRobert Alessi
2018-06-23documentation updated. a few arbnull rules were needed in voc and fullvocRobert Alessi
2018-06-17font information to be applied to romanized Arabic was missing tooRobert Alessi
2018-06-17[b92f35e] font information was missingRobert Alessi
2018-06-16\arbcolor[]{} is now able to colorize everything, down to the diacritics!Robert Alessi
2018-06-15documenting the new features. added \arbcolor[]{} in .el style fileRobert Alessi
2018-06-14use etoc for the tableofcontentsRobert Alessi
2018-06-13added errors and warningsRobert Alessi
2018-06-12dtx file: replaced luatextra with hologoRobert Alessi
2018-06-11bugfix: wrong token #2 in \MkArbBreak{}Robert Alessi
2018-06-11added \MkArbBreak* and \arbcolorRobert Alessi
2018-06-10added xcolor and luacolor as required packagesRobert Alessi
2018-06-09use enumitem instead of paralist. use al@rlmode in \abjad{}Robert Alessi
2018-06-01almost done documenting. ready to merge into masterRobert Alessi
2018-06-01breakcmd(): iteration through albrkcmds and brkcmds had to be moved down. sti...Robert Alessi
2018-05-31started documenting the new featuresRobert Alessi
2018-05-31\item needs a special processing. moved it back into brkcmd() functionRobert Alessi
2018-05-06reset checksumRobert Alessi
2018-05-06\abjad{} should be able to accept commands and counters as argumentsRobert Alessi
2018-04-01a typoRobert Alessi
2018-03-31done documenting \arbmark{} and \newarbmark{}; updated to v1.11Robert Alessi
2018-03-30started documenting \arbmark{}; one superfluous rule (hamza + aN + ʾidġām)...Robert Alessi
2018-03-29\arbmarks{} first checks if its argument is defined in the arbmarks tableRobert Alessi
2018-03-29new command \newarbmark{} for inserting new marks in arabluatex's arbmarks tableRobert Alessi
2018-03-29new command \arbmark{} for inserting any additional Arabic markRobert Alessi
2018-03-27start encoding the honorificsRobert Alessi
2018-02-12updated to v1.10.3v1.10.3Robert Alessi
2018-01-23newfile is no longer requiredRobert Alessi
2018-01-23typoRobert Alessi
2018-01-22use xkeyval for package option processing; process the name of God through \p...Robert Alessi
2018-01-12a typoRobert Alessi
2018-01-06tcblisting: line numbers and vertical rules overlappedRobert Alessi
2018-01-05better use of nameauth in the documentationRobert Alessi
2018-01-04typo!v1.10.2Robert Alessi
2018-01-04\prname{} something was still missing for ibn to be processed properlyRobert Alessi
2018-01-04updated to v1.10.1v1.10.1Robert Alessi
2018-01-04a typo in the documentationRobert Alessi
2018-01-04a typo in the documentationRobert Alessi