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2019-06-18a typo in the documentationRobert Alessi
2019-06-06moved the rules that generate sukūn over final hamza when appropriate to a l...Robert Alessi
2019-06-06revert [dcb7cbd]Robert Alessi
2019-03-25include the taṭwīl in the rules that generate the sukūnRobert Alessi
2019-03-25a sukūn missing in the documentationRobert Alessi
2019-03-24updated checksum. this is v1.17v1.17Robert Alessi
2019-03-24improved syntax highlighting, tidied up the codeRobert Alessi
2019-03-23replaced \NewEnviron with LaTeX3 equivalentRobert Alessi
2019-03-23stored all global functions in the 'arabluatex' tableRobert Alessi
2019-03-22in the end arabluatex _is_ compatible with realscripts.Robert Alessi
2019-03-22realscripts is not (yet) compatible with arabluatexRobert Alessi
2019-03-22updated to v1.16v1.16Robert Alessi
2019-02-16[80d0376]: in the end, no recursion was neededRobert Alessi
2019-02-15use microtype and realscriptsRobert Alessi
2019-01-24use \PassOptionsToPackage to pass 'normalem' to 'ulem'Robert Alessi
2019-01-24removed duplicate information from .sty fileRobert Alessi
2019-01-21use metalogox instead of hologoRobert Alessi
2019-01-02updated copyright datesRobert Alessi
2018-12-08moved bugtracker to gitlab (as a mirror)Robert Alessi
2018-12-01bug #43 in luacolor has been fixedRobert Alessi
2018-11-30typoRobert Alessi
2018-11-25\overline is more elegant for ʾabǧad numbers; use it without amsmath's \tex...Robert Alessi
2018-11-20do not load amsmath anymoreRobert Alessi
2018-11-06make \aemph use ulem instead of \overline and \underlineRobert Alessi
2018-11-05better exporting of transliterated ArabicRobert Alessi
2018-10-30a typoRobert Alessi
2018-10-17share al@rlmode boolean with ekdosisRobert Alessi
2018-10-12documentation: switched to mintedRobert Alessi
2018-10-11testing 'colordoc' packageRobert Alessi
2018-10-11included indnum() into ayah()v1.15.1Robert Alessi
2018-10-09modified a sentence in the documentationv1.15Robert Alessi
2018-10-08done documenting \ayah. updated to v1.15Robert Alessi
2018-10-06revert to [1705ab2]Robert Alessi
2018-10-04the syntax of \captionlistentry seems to have changedRobert Alessi
2018-10-02misplaced al@rlmode booleanRobert Alessi
2018-10-02new command \ayahRobert Alessi
2018-09-07documentation: use \tcbset and package 'uri'Robert Alessi
2018-08-29updated to v1.14v1.14Robert Alessi
2018-08-28new sample file exporting.texRobert Alessi
2018-08-28do not create any external file in case export global option is set to falseRobert Alessi
2018-08-27updated checksumv1.13Robert Alessi
2018-08-27revert from [c551da7]Robert Alessi
2018-08-27updated checksum to v1.13. arabtex2utf: instruct processarbtoutf() not to pro...Robert Alessi
2018-08-26done documenting the exporting mechanismRobert Alessi
2018-08-26still documenting. remove \txtrans nested inside \prname*Robert Alessi
2018-08-25done documenting the new featuresRobert Alessi
2018-08-24arabtex2utf: documenting the new featuresRobert Alessi
2018-08-24al_closestream() gobbled spaces after opening braces. also removed nested \txarbRobert Alessi
2018-08-23new optional argument, either 'rl' or 'lr', added to \arbmarkRobert Alessi
2018-08-22arabtex2utf: append 'utf' option to arabverse environment depending on defaul...Robert Alessi