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2017-07-28updated to v1.9.1v1.9.1Robert Alessi
2017-07-07simplify the code of \LR|RLfootnote{}Robert Alessi
2017-07-05one additional point in the documentationv1.9Robert Alessi
2017-07-05a typoRobert Alessi
2017-07-04a typoRobert Alessi
2017-07-04documentation updated; getting close to v1.9Robert Alessi
2017-07-03the documentation now needs to be updatedRobert Alessi
2017-07-02new command \MkArbBreak{} for inserting user-defined single argument commands...Robert Alessi
2017-07-02some more examples of hamzah + pr. suffix in the documentationRobert Alessi
2017-06-30hamzah + pr. suffix: the carrier must pass into yāʾ before īRobert Alessi
2017-06-29li + art. + initial lām is to be transliterated as in 'li-l-lisāni' in dmg ...Robert Alessi
2017-06-26bugfix: initial hamzah after hyphen was broken; a couple of typosRobert Alessi
2017-06-25final yāʾ without dots, \textcolor: updating the documentationRobert Alessi
2017-06-25basic support for \textcolor in Arabic environmentRobert Alessi
2017-06-25get the rid of \arbcolor which is not actually neededRobert Alessi
2017-06-24new command \arbcolor which does the same as \textcolor in Arabic environmentsRobert Alessi
2017-06-20udpated to v.1.8.5Robert Alessi
2017-06-20additional Persian characters: documentation updatedRobert Alessi
2017-06-15a typo in the documentationRobert Alessi
2017-05-11babel-french: \frenchsetup is intended to replace \frenchbsetup; update the d...Robert Alessi
2017-05-06updated to v1.8.4v1.8.4Robert Alessi
2017-04-27a typo in arabluatex.bibv1.8.3Robert Alessi
2017-04-27updated to v.1.8.3Robert Alessi
2017-04-02this is v1.8.2v1.8.2Robert Alessi
2017-04-02updated checksum and documentationRobert Alessi
2017-04-02new \Cap command that does the same as \cap but is never discarded; it is use...Robert Alessi
2017-04-01the implementation of the 'arabica' transliteration needed more work; a coupl...v1.8.1Robert Alessi
2017-03-30rephrased one sentence. this is v1.8v1.8Robert Alessi
2017-03-30arabica: updated documentationRobert Alessi
2017-03-18upgraded to v1.7.3v1.7.3Robert Alessi
2017-03-15upgraded to v1.7.2; a few additional explanatory notes in the documentationv1.7.2Robert Alessi
2017-03-15a few modifications in the .el style file; institutional email added in the d...Robert Alessi
2017-03-14added affiliationRobert Alessi
2017-03-13moving the BT system to notabug.orgRobert Alessi
2017-03-06added one line above the copyright notice to give the name of the program and...Robert Alessi
2017-03-06the documentation is now PDF/A 1b compliant, and is licensed under the Creati...Robert Alessi
2017-01-08bugfixes: 'quoting' after a consonant did not take away the sukūn in 'defaul...v1.7.1Robert Alessi
2017-01-08added a couple of examples in the documentationRobert Alessi
2017-01-08updated copyright date and checksumRobert Alessi
2016-12-24typov1.7Robert Alessi
2016-12-24typoRobert Alessi
2016-12-24typoRobert Alessi
2016-12-24a correction in the documentationRobert Alessi
2016-12-24a typo in the documentationRobert Alessi
2016-12-24arabnull: done documenting; some corrections; checksum updated. getting close...Robert Alessi
2016-12-23arbnulls inserted in voc tableRobert Alessi
2016-12-22arbnulls inserted in trans tableRobert Alessi
2016-12-21some additions and corrections in the documentationRobert Alessi
2016-12-19a typo in the documentationRobert Alessi
2016-12-18a bit of tidy-up in the documentationRobert Alessi