BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masteruse fontsetup until selecting NewCM by font name is possible againRobert Alessi6 months
v1.20arabluatex-1.20.tar.gz  Robert Alessi20 months
v1.19arabluatex-1.19.tar.gz  Robert Alessi20 months
v1.18arabluatex-1.18.tar.gz  Robert Alessi21 months
v1.17arabluatex-1.17.tar.gz  Robert Alessi3 years
v1.16arabluatex-1.16.tar.gz  Robert Alessi3 years
v1.15.1arabluatex-1.15.1.tar.gz  Robert Alessi3 years
v1.15arabluatex-1.15.tar.gz  Robert Alessi3 years
v1.14arabluatex-1.14.tar.gz  Robert Alessi3 years
v1.13arabluatex-1.13.tar.gz  Robert Alessi3 years
v1.12arabluatex-1.12.tar.gz  Robert Alessi3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-08-29updated to v1.14v1.14Robert Alessi
2018-08-28include only source code in samples/exporting.texRobert Alessi
2018-08-28forgot to add exporting.texRobert Alessi
2018-08-28new sample file exporting.texRobert Alessi
2018-08-28more refined AUCTeX style fileRobert Alessi
2018-08-28wrong arabluatex.el file. fixedRobert Alessi
2018-08-28do not create any external file in case export global option is set to falseRobert Alessi
2018-08-27replaced an obsolete url from tex.ac.uk with the updated oneRobert Alessi
2018-08-27updated checksumv1.13Robert Alessi
2018-08-27revert from [c551da7]Robert Alessi