BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterbugfix: wrong vertical spacing at the end of the arabverse environmentRobert Alessi13 hours
v1.9.1arabluatex-1.9.1.tar.gz  Robert Alessi3 weeks
v1.9arabluatex-1.9.tar.gz  Robert Alessi6 weeks
v1.8.5arabluatex-1.8.5.tar.gz  Robert Alessi8 weeks
v1.8.4arabluatex-1.8.4.tar.gz  Robert Alessi3 months
v1.8.3arabluatex-1.8.3.tar.gz  Robert Alessi4 months
v1.8.2arabluatex-1.8.2.tar.gz  Robert Alessi4 months
v1.8.1arabluatex-1.8.1.tar.gz  Robert Alessi5 months
v1.8arabluatex-1.8.tar.gz  Robert Alessi5 months
v1.7.3arabluatex-1.7.3.tar.gz  Robert Alessi5 months
v1.7.2arabluatex-1.7.2.tar.gz  Robert Alessi5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
13 hoursbugfix: wrong vertical spacing at the end of the arabverse environmentHEADmasterRobert Alessi
6 daysremove the trailing comma in case there are only two uncertain vowelsRobert Alessi
6 daysuncertain short vowels should rather go between slashes and be separated by c...Robert Alessi
7 daysput uncertain short vowels into square bracketsRobert Alessi
9 daysa bit of clean up in the codeRobert Alessi
9 daysthe new rules of taḫfīf al-hamzah have been added in the transliteration m...Robert Alessi
10 daysremoved a couple of useless and wrong rules from the transliteration tablesRobert Alessi
10 daysupdated READMERobert Alessi
11 daysmuch work was needed on the final hamzah. in such words as ^say'aN, \SetArbDf...Robert Alessi
13 daysadded dual and plural of miʾatunRobert Alessi