BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfixed order of appearance of wit-source-resp in RL mode (and also prewit-wit-...Robert Alessi2 days
v1.4ekdosis-1.4.tar.gz  Robert Alessi3 years
v1.3ekdosis-1.3.tar.gz  Robert Alessi3 years
v1.2ekdosis-1.2.tar.gz  Robert Alessi3 years
v1.1ekdosis-1.1.tar.gz  Robert Alessi4 years
v1.0ekdosis-1.0.tar.gz  Robert Alessi4 years
v0.99aekdosis-0.99a.tar.gz  Robert Alessi4 years
v0.99ekdosis-0.99.tar.gz  Robert Alessi4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2 daysfixed order of appearance of wit-source-resp in RL mode (and also prewit-wit-...HEADmasterRobert Alessi
2024-02-23process tei getsiglum through cmdtotei()Robert Alessi
2023-11-04git: use httpsRobert Alessi
2023-10-27updated README.mdRobert Alessi
2023-10-15updated READMERobert Alessi
2023-10-10a couple of typosRobert Alessi
2023-08-09TEI ouput: transcribe \parnote into <note>Robert Alessi
2023-08-08tei output: discard maxlines-related commandsRobert Alessi
2023-07-29a bit of literate programming on \current@refRobert Alessi
2023-07-28nolem: removed unwanted spaceRobert Alessi