AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-28/s/fitfloat/fitappHEADmasterRobert Alessi
2021-09-06use \verselinenumfont with memoirRobert Alessi
2021-09-02newcommand \vmodulolinenumbers and new option vnumbrokenlinesRobert Alessi
2021-09-01updated ekdosis.elRobert Alessi
2021-08-31siglumsep -> familysepRobert Alessi
2021-08-30new hook siglumsepRobert Alessi
2021-08-30new option 'keepinapp' for \SetCritSymbolsRobert Alessi
2021-08-30new \\+ verse commandRobert Alessi
2021-08-29some missing patterns in ekdverseRobert Alessi
2021-08-24new commands and options for subseparators between variant readingsRobert Alessi
2021-08-18fixed a few typos in metastrv1.3Robert Alessi
2021-08-18a few corrections. this is v1.3Robert Alessi
2021-08-17updated ekdosis.el: all commands are now supportedRobert Alessi
2021-08-17updated to v1.3Robert Alessi
2021-08-16new global options: keyfloat and fitfloat. adapted makefileRobert Alessi
2021-06-29updated Makefile. resume work on ekdosis.elRobert Alessi
2021-06-28done documenting on headers and footersRobert Alessi
2021-06-27started documenting the functions related to headers and footersRobert Alessi
2021-06-26new functions for headers and footers. applied [fde1eee] to ndivsRobert Alessi
2021-06-25set >= instead of > for maxentriesRobert Alessi
2021-06-17ekdosis.getsiglum() did not process dots, hyphens and underscores properlyRobert Alessi
2021-06-10wrote documentation about \ekdsetupRobert Alessi
2021-06-08wrong initial definition of ekdpb marksRobert Alessi
2021-06-08new command \ekdsetup. added global option for printing ekdpb marks in the ma...Robert Alessi
2021-06-05\ekdpb needed a counter of its ownRobert Alessi
2021-06-02headers/footers: added endmarksRobert Alessi
2021-05-31new option 'lineation=none'Robert Alessi
2021-05-31updated to 2021/05/31Robert Alessi
2021-05-31ekdmark should not take absolute page numbersRobert Alessi
2021-05-30[6f3b36f] needed more work: fixedRobert Alessi
2021-05-28a point about what xml:ids must consist ofRobert Alessi
2021-05-28use msItemStruct instead of msItemRobert Alessi
2021-05-28use lpeg to relocate anchors. adapted frontier pattern to handle dots, hyphen...Robert Alessi
2021-05-27NewCM: use new font namesRobert Alessi
2021-05-24have citation commands use bibl and biblScopeRobert Alessi
2021-05-24added \ekdpb* which forces the page break irrespective of the values given in...Robert Alessi
2021-05-22typoRobert Alessi
2021-05-22use fontsetup until selecting NewCM by font name is possible againRobert Alessi
2021-05-15ekdapparatus environment generated a spurious spaceRobert Alessi
2021-05-15Makefile: new pandoc independent ruleRobert Alessi
2021-05-14apply [b87c5d7] to verse lineationRobert Alessi
2021-05-13do not print page numbers ahead entries that span across pages when lineation...Robert Alessi
2021-05-07NewCM: select Book familyRobert Alessi
2021-05-07NewCM needed to have all shapes definedRobert Alessi
2021-05-04test simpler floating mechanismRobert Alessi
2021-05-02new names for NewCM fontsRobert Alessi
2021-05-01updated to 1.3-dev to avoid confusionRobert Alessi
2021-04-25a typoRobert Alessi
2021-04-24better handling of line numbers of nested apps (2/2). added 'num' and 'nonum'...Robert Alessi
2021-04-20[0b18082] was wrong. corrected.Robert Alessi