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8Overview 8Overview
9======== 9========
10x200-my is a simple openrc script primarily designed to make the
11distinctive whining noise of Thinkpads X200 disappear. But it can
12also be used on other laptops.
10 13
14It is written to be used on [Hyperbola
15GNU/Linux-libre](https://www.hyperbola.info) but it should work on
16other Arch-based + openrc distributions.
18Privacy Settings
20It also provides a “Privacy settings” section: if `enable_privacy` is
21set to `true`, then the wired internet interface that may or may not
22be connected to the internet can have its MAC address spoofed at
23startup. (The wireless interfaces must also be spoofed, but this can
24be handled by wpa_supplicant.) Additionally, x200-my will delete
25`/etc/dhcpcd.duid`, which will make `dhcpcd` generate a new DUID-LLT
26based file with an updated timestamp and the link-layer address of the
27network interface that is connected to the DHCP device at the time
28that the DUID is generated.
32Finally x200-my has the ability to backup essential files or
33directories—for instance a backup disk mounted inside the dock. Of
34course, the backup process is triggered on certain conditions
361. The option must be enabled in the `/etc/conf.d/x200-my` file
372. The disk must be mounted
383. An (empty) `dobackup` file must be present in the backup directory.
40Then, once these conditions are met, the backup process is triggered
41whenever the service is stopped. It additionally generates a list of
42installed packages in case the disk should die and everything should
43be reinstalled.
11 44
12License and Disclamer 45License and Disclamer
13===================== 46=====================
@@ -31,3 +64,7 @@ Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
31 64
32Installation 65Installation
33============ 66============
671. Clone this repository locally
682. Do `makepkg`
693. Install the generated x200-my as root with `pacman -U`
704. Edit `/etc/conf.d/x200-my`