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2020-02-29babel-greek is now fixedHEADmasterRobert Alessi
2020-02-27added FONTLOG.txt. babel's handling of Greek is currently broken: quick fixRobert Alessi
2020-02-24added 2nd pointer to AK's archived webpageRobert Alessi
2020-02-24updated to v2.5v2.5Robert Alessi
2020-02-02added small capitals (smcp) for all Greek accented lettersRobert Alessi
2020-01-28removed duplicate c2sc and smcp rulesRobert Alessi
2020-01-25reset all hinting information and intructionsRobert Alessi
2019-11-22use NewComputerModern for Sans and Mono facesRobert Alessi
2019-08-25use UMTypewriter for examples in the documentationRobert Alessi
2019-08-07bug fix: incorrect French TTF name of Bold ItalicRobert Alessi
2019-08-07added font tableRobert Alessi
2019-08-06added missing small capitals Ā, Ī and ŪRobert Alessi
2019-08-05updated READMERobert Alessi
2019-08-03updated README and documentationRobert Alessi
2019-07-29updated oldstandard.tex and makefileRobert Alessi
2019-07-29in the end, do not include oldstandard.pdfRobert Alessi
2019-07-29removed circularity in makefileRobert Alessi
2019-07-29added olstandard.pdfRobert Alessi
2019-07-29updated documentationRobert Alessi
2019-07-29better gcaronRobert Alessi
2019-07-28reverting oft Regular to [1e3f3e4] as wellRobert Alessi
2019-07-28wrong side bearings in Regular: reverting to [1e3f3e4]Robert Alessi
2019-07-28Regular: unliked wrong references from vowels + acute in Greek Extended and r...Robert Alessi
2019-07-28moved up the section about documentation in oldstandard.texRobert Alessi
2019-07-28use local Old Standard to compile the doc. updated makefileRobert Alessi
2019-07-26typoRobert Alessi
2019-07-26updated README.md and oldstandard.texRobert Alessi
2019-07-26reshaped macron, acute, grave and j in bold italicv2.4aRobert Alessi
2019-07-25updated to v2.4v2.4Robert Alessi
2019-07-25wrong side bearings in BoldItalicRobert Alessi
2019-07-25added (auto-generated) Bold ItalicRobert Alessi
2019-07-25a typoRobert Alessi
2019-07-25a correctionRobert Alessi
2019-07-25some further corrections in the documentationRobert Alessi
2019-07-25updated .tex, .sfd and .otf to reflect changge of name and release NoRobert Alessi
2019-07-25renamed .otf filesRobert Alessi
2019-07-25renamed source filesRobert Alessi
2019-07-25renamed Old Standard T to Old StandardRobert Alessi
2019-07-25renamed repositoryRobert Alessi
2019-07-24removed xurl. this is v1.0v1.0Robert Alessi
2019-07-24uri needs to be loaded after hyperrefRobert Alessi
2019-07-24typoRobert Alessi
2019-07-24updated READMERobert Alessi
2019-07-24use pkgver and pkgdateRobert Alessi
2019-07-24added makefileRobert Alessi
2019-07-24done documentingRobert Alessi
2019-07-23still documentingRobert Alessi
2019-07-23documentingRobert Alessi
2019-07-22bugfix [Bold]: make +ss06 work if beta is preceded by a vowel with an accute ...Robert Alessi
2019-07-22bugfix [Italic]: make +ss06 work if beta is preceded by a vowel with an accut...Robert Alessi