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2016-12-01bugfix: the rules of art. + 'quoted' initial unstable hamzah were thrown away...Robert Alessi
2016-12-01new rule: if the vowel of a prosthetic ʾalif be ḍammah, it must be thrown ...Robert Alessi
2016-12-01new option \SetArbDflt* for applying the assimilation rules for these are not...Robert Alessi
2016-11-14always interpret the initial straight double quote as a connective alif in 'd...Robert Alessi
2016-09-08bugfix: the name of God should always have the šaddah; tāʾ marbūṭah wit...Robert Alessi
2016-09-08bugfix: wrong transliteration of ʾalif maqṣūrahRobert Alessi
2016-09-08bugfix: wrong transliteration of ğīmRobert Alessi
2016-06-15corrected wrong ʾiʿrāb after t or TRobert Alessi
2016-05-28cleaned up the code (tmp tags)Robert Alessi
2016-05-28done implementing ʾiʿrāb ġayr munṣarif, done documenting. getting close...Robert Alessi
2016-05-25implementation of ʾiʿrāb ġayr munṣarif (dmg mode)Robert Alessi
2016-05-19done implementing and documenting \arbupRobert Alessi
2016-05-18first implementation of \arbup viz. superscript tanwīn in |dmg| modeRobert Alessi
2016-05-08done implementing 'easy' rules setRobert Alessi
2016-04-27license: upgrade from GPLv2 to GPLv3 --> arabluatex v1.1Robert Alessi
2016-04-21alif maq.sūra is to be small letter a with dot below and macron in dmgRobert Alessi
2016-04-16taḫfīfu 'l-hamzati was missing: added in all tablesRobert Alessi
2016-03-30tanwin and trigraphs were inverted in all of the tablesRobert Alessi
2016-03-30added README.tex; cleaning upRobert Alessi
2016-03-27additional characters included; still documentingRobert Alessi
2016-03-26small bugfix regarding madda; still documentingRobert Alessi
2016-03-25improved quoting feature in all modes; still documentingRobert Alessi
2016-03-23additional rules for the name of Allah; still documentingRobert Alessi
2016-03-21long vowels, diphthongs and consonants with ǧazmah before ʾalif conjunctionisRobert Alessi
2016-03-21shorten long vowels according to rule laid down in Wright i. §25 (trans mode)Robert Alessi
2016-03-20assimilations [Wright i §14 (b)]; no more euphonic tašdīd in novoc modeRobert Alessi
2016-03-20some bugfixes in the tables; still writing the documentationRobert Alessi
2016-03-15some corrections in the tables + writing the documentationRobert Alessi
2016-03-14some corrections in the tables as |BaN|; still writing the documentationRobert Alessi
2016-03-11corrected final tāʾ marbūṭa, writing documentation (continued)Robert Alessi
2016-03-06initial alif without hamza -> ' in dmg transliterationRobert Alessi
2016-03-04implementation of basic Arabic punctuationRobert Alessi
2016-03-04silent wāw and yāʾ in words such as ḥayāt and tawrātRobert Alessi
2016-03-03ʿamr + u a i in fullvoc and transliteration tablesRobert Alessi
2016-03-03ʿamr + u a iRobert Alessi
2016-03-03misplaced alif maqṣūraRobert Alessi
2016-03-03ʿamr + tanwīnRobert Alessi
2016-03-03šadda over hamza + improved maddaRobert Alessi
2016-03-03" as sukūn needed to be escapedRobert Alessi
2016-03-03corrected final hamza; added quoting before hamzaRobert Alessi
2016-03-02pipe must be taken out in translit modesRobert Alessi
2016-03-02corrected typosRobert Alessi
2016-03-02add \cap{} command; correct transliteration tablesRobert Alessi
2016-03-01implementation of loc transliteration tablesRobert Alessi
2016-02-29add arabluatex_trans.luaRobert Alessi