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2017-05-06updated to v1.8.4v1.8.4Robert Alessi
2017-05-06bugfix: the double consonants tt gg hh dd ss zz must not output a šaddah whe...Robert Alessi
2017-04-27a typo in arabluatex.bibv1.8.3Robert Alessi
2017-04-27updated to v.1.8.3Robert Alessi
2017-04-24removed some discretionary hyphens from samples/al-Jahiz.texRobert Alessi
2017-04-17jīm is to be letter 'g' with caron (and not breve) in dmg and arabica transl...Robert Alessi
2017-04-16such forms as qāḍin preceding a prosthetic alif were parsed wrongly in 'tr...Robert Alessi
2017-04-16New sample file 'template-01.tex'Robert Alessi
2017-04-07a new file 'template-01.tex' has been added in samples/Robert Alessi
2017-04-06set some predefined variables in makefileRobert Alessi
2017-04-06adapted makefile; all sample files are to be public domainRobert Alessi
2017-04-05the documentation of arabluatex now has additional sample filesRobert Alessi
2017-04-03initial alif without hamzah after a final vowel must be taken out in 'arabica...Robert Alessi
2017-04-02this is v1.8.2v1.8.2Robert Alessi
2017-04-02updated checksum and documentationRobert Alessi
2017-04-02new \Cap command that does the same as \cap but is never discarded; it is use...Robert Alessi
2017-04-01bugfix: ʾalif maqṣūrah wrongly interpreted from buckwalter scheme to arab...Robert Alessi
2017-04-01the implementation of the 'arabica' transliteration needed more work; a coupl...v1.8.1Robert Alessi
2017-03-31bugfix: -ī/-īyah were not parsed correctly in 'dmg' mode. 'loc' and 'arabic...Robert Alessi
2017-03-31bugfix: tāʾ marbūṭah was wrongly interpreted before ʾiʿrāb when \arbu...Robert Alessi
2017-03-30rephrased one sentence. this is v1.8v1.8Robert Alessi
2017-03-30arabica: updated documentationRobert Alessi
2017-03-30arabica: removed unnecessary rules and tablesRobert Alessi
2017-03-30completed arabica tablesRobert Alessi
2017-03-29arabica: started implementing this standard: added new functions; now working...Robert Alessi
2017-03-29a few rules have been improved in dmg and loc transliterations (forms without...Robert Alessi
2017-03-18upgraded to v1.7.3v1.7.3Robert Alessi
2017-03-18mention in the README file that the CC BY-SA v4.0 license should apply to the...Robert Alessi
2017-03-15upgraded to v1.7.2; a few additional explanatory notes in the documentationv1.7.2Robert Alessi
2017-03-15a few modifications in the .el style file; institutional email added in the d...Robert Alessi
2017-03-14\LR and \RL were missing in arabluatex.elRobert Alessi
2017-03-14added affiliationRobert Alessi
2017-03-13moving the BT system to notabug.orgRobert Alessi
2017-03-06added one line above the copyright notice to give the name of the program and...Robert Alessi
2017-03-06the documentation is now PDF/A 1b compliant, and is licensed under the Creati...Robert Alessi
2017-01-24arabuatex.el: \SetArbUp must have an argumentRobert Alessi
2017-01-24a typo in makefileRobert Alessi
2017-01-24updated makefile and README.texRobert Alessi
2017-01-24added 'arabluatex.el', an AUCTeX style file for 'arabluatex.sty'Robert Alessi
2017-01-08bugfixes: 'quoting' after a consonant did not take away the sukūn in 'defaul...v1.7.1Robert Alessi
2017-01-08added a couple of examples in the documentationRobert Alessi
2017-01-08updated copyright date and checksumRobert Alessi
2017-01-07bugfix: final hamzah was not parsed correctly in some particular casesRobert Alessi
2016-12-24typov1.7Robert Alessi
2016-12-24typoRobert Alessi
2016-12-24typoRobert Alessi
2016-12-24a correction in the documentationRobert Alessi
2016-12-24a typo in the documentationRobert Alessi
2016-12-24arabnull: done documenting; some corrections; checksum updated. getting close...Robert Alessi
2016-12-24a bit of tidy-up in the codeRobert Alessi