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arabluatex now accepts environments and can process RTL list environments; a new 'txarab' environment has been added which does for running paragraphs the same as 'txarb' does for short insertions of unicode Arabic
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@@ -86,6 +86,7 @@ This release of 'arabluatex' consists of the following source files:
86\Msg{* more on this} 86\Msg{* more on this}
87\Msg{*} 87\Msg{*}
88\Msg{* \space\space arabluatex.sty} 88\Msg{* \space\space arabluatex.sty}
89\Msg{* \space\space arabluatex-patch.sty}
89\Msg{* \space\space arabluatex.lua} 90\Msg{* \space\space arabluatex.lua}
90\Msg{* \space\space arabluatex_voc.lua} 91\Msg{* \space\space arabluatex_voc.lua}
91\Msg{* \space\space arabluatex_fullvoc.lua} 92\Msg{* \space\space arabluatex_fullvoc.lua}