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masteruse fontsetup until selecting NewCM by font name is possible againRobert Alessi12 months
v1.20arabluatex-1.20.tar.gz  Robert Alessi2 years
v1.19arabluatex-1.19.tar.gz  Robert Alessi2 years
v1.18arabluatex-1.18.tar.gz  Robert Alessi2 years
v1.17arabluatex-1.17.tar.gz  Robert Alessi3 years
v1.16arabluatex-1.16.tar.gz  Robert Alessi3 years
v1.15.1arabluatex-1.15.1.tar.gz  Robert Alessi4 years
v1.15arabluatex-1.15.tar.gz  Robert Alessi4 years
v1.14arabluatex-1.14.tar.gz  Robert Alessi4 years
v1.13arabluatex-1.13.tar.gz  Robert Alessi4 years
v1.12arabluatex-1.12.tar.gz  Robert Alessi4 years
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2017-05-06updated to v1.8.4v1.8.4Robert Alessi
2017-05-06bugfix: the double consonants tt gg hh dd ss zz must not output a šaddah whe...Robert Alessi
2017-04-27a typo in arabluatex.bibv1.8.3Robert Alessi
2017-04-27updated to v.1.8.3Robert Alessi
2017-04-24removed some discretionary hyphens from samples/al-Jahiz.texRobert Alessi
2017-04-17jīm is to be letter 'g' with caron (and not breve) in dmg and arabica transl...Robert Alessi
2017-04-16such forms as qāḍin preceding a prosthetic alif were parsed wrongly in 'tr...Robert Alessi
2017-04-16New sample file 'template-01.tex'Robert Alessi
2017-04-07a new file 'template-01.tex' has been added in samples/Robert Alessi
2017-04-06set some predefined variables in makefileRobert Alessi